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Baltic Cruise

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Cruise met het cruiseschip Brilliance of the Seas vanuit Amsterdam naar o.a. Denemarken, Rusland en Finland.

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Calling all backroads ramblers and culture cruisers – your ship’s come in. Whether you’re catching a movie poolside or enjoying Tuscan dishes at Giovanni’s Table, you’re in for the ultimate adventure in between shores.


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Dag 1: Amsterdam

Afvaart: 17:00 uur

Pick up syrupy stroopwafels from a street vendor for breakfast and then enjoy a peaceful walk through Dam Square, home to the Royal Palace. Trace the city's unique history through artifacts and photos at the Amsterdam Museum. Or get hands-on with the kids at the NEMO Science Center.

Dag 2: Zeedag

Deze dag brengt u door op zee.

Dag 3: Skagen, Denemarken

Aankomst 07:00 uur, vertrek: 16:00 uur

Drive three kilometers from Skagen to Grenen, the geographical top of Denmark, where the Baltic Sea meets the North Sea - here, you can get up close and personal with seals. Take the four-kilometer bike ride west is Old Skagen, a former fishing hamlet picturesque yellow houses. Or stay in town and check out the Skagen Lighthouse, then head to a seaside restaurant for Dublin Bay prawns - they're so big you might think they're lobsters at first.

Dag 4: Zeedag

Deze dag brengt u door op zee.

Dag 5: Tallinn, Estland

Aankomst: 11:00 uur, vertrek: 18:00 uur

Get to know the fairy-tale castles and cobbled streets of Tallinn's medieval Old Town. Or take a rejuvenating escape to one of the idyllic Baltic Sea beaches just outside the city center. Visit the Kunstimuuseum - Kumu, for short - the largest art museum in the Baltics, with Estonian art dating from the 18th century through the Soviet era. Check out Tallinn's two great churches: the ornate St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and St. Mary the Virgin, with its 14th-century medieval foundations and 18th-century Baroque tower.

Dag 6 & 7: St. Petersburg, Rusland

Aankomst (dag 6): 07:00 uur, vertrek (dag 7): 18:00 uur

Discover the countless sites of St. Petersburg's UNESCO World Heritage city center, from former royal residences to opulent Orthodox cathedrals. Take an excursion to the picturesque palace of Peter the Great. Or hop a quick ferry ride out to Kronstadt, a small island in the Gulf of Finland, where you can explore the ornate Naval Cathedral and walk along the fortress walls.

Dag 8: Helsinki, Finland

Aankomst: 07:00 uur, vertrek: 15:00 uur

There's no shortage of things to do and see in this stylish historical capital. After you've explored Helsinki's center, head to Punavuori, with its Design District, the superb Design Museum and many attractive shops and galleries. Join the Finns for a sauna, or relax in a trendy cafe in the Kallio district, which has recently undergone a facelift.

Dag 9: Stockholm, Zweden

Aankomst: 07:00 uur, vertrek: 16:00 uur

Situated in the middle of an archipelago, Stockholm is Sweden's cultural and political center. Stroll through the narrow cobblestone streets in the oldest part of Stockholm and along the Skeppsbron dock. Take your time to shop in the cool boutiques, art galleries and antique shops. In summer, join the locals for a swim in Stockholm's clean inner-city waterways.

Dag 10: Zeedag

Deze dag brengt u door op zee.

Dag 11: Kopenhagen, Denemarken

Aankomst: 10:00 uur, vertrek: 18:00 uur

Adventure comes in many forms in Copenhagen, from Baltic beaches to famous fairytales. And each neighborhood offers unexpected discoveries. Explore the city's seafaring past with a canal cruise, or stroll along Nyhavn's colorful quay. Browse Kodbyen's trendy art galleries. Dine on Nordic cuisine in Christiania's quirkly cafes. Or trace Denmark's royal legacy among the castles and palaces of Frederiksstaden.

Dag 12: Zeedag

Deze dag brengt u door op zee.

Dag 13: Amsterdam

Aankomst: 06:00 uur

Spend the afternoon in Amsterdam exploring the UNESCO-listed Canal Ring area, either by bicycle or boat. Stop by the Anne Frank House and see her wartime diaries. Check out Holland's legendary windmills while learning about its reclaimed land. Or view mind-bending modern art at Stedelijk Museum. Top off the day with cocktails in a Red Light District watering hole.


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  • Havengelden
  • Deze cruise is o.b.v. volpension
  • Gebruik van de faciliteiten van het schip
  • 1-persoonshut toeslag
  • Eigen uitgaven voor o.a. excursies, fooien, etc.
  • Reis- en/of annuleringsverzekering

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Created with Sketch. Amsterdam, Nederland
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